Sunday, January 7, 2007

Canadian Christian Cranks

The New Creation - Troubled

The New Creation were a Vancouver BC band made up of mom, son, and other chick. None of them could sing, play an instrument, or write a song at anything near a professional level. They believed very strongly in the Christian religion.

Sound like a good basis for a rock band? I thought so. If you like the Shaggs, this one is for you. It doesn't quite have the jaw-dropping lack of structure, but it comes as close as anything else I've heard.

The lyrics are absolutely bizarre. I privately think that their obsession with bad behavior like dope and sexual deviance is a defense mechanism against sublimated desires, but I think that about most religious cranks. Anyway, I doubt their version of the gospel is going to win many converts to the cause.

Like a lot of records, the best thing is the first track. It is an absolutely amazing sound collage that will be on all of your mix tapes from this point forward. This was briefly reissued a few years back, but is back out of print. Get it now, because it probably won't get reissued any time soon.


Dgrador said...

Et tu, IRA?
Everybody's posting Canadian music this weekend, LOL.

FM SHADES said...

Sweet Thanks! Been looking for a long time!

Protecting Terrorists said...

Freaked. Kinna' like an anti-avant Intersystems at times, which really makes no sense but then who cares.


TBA said...

FM Shades! My man! Glad you found the new digs.

Cary Grant said...

please buy this if you like it!!!

Shane said...

I was wondering where you went! This one is great. Thanks.

I've been a huge Robyn Hitchcock/Soft Boys fan for many many years, by the way. More people need to be aware of how great the Soft Boys were.