Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Captain Treads Water

Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off, Baby
This, along with most of the Bizarre / Straight catalogue, is not currently available in any authorized version. That sucks. Someone should fix it. This, Starsailor, Farewell Aldebaran, Lucille, An Evening With.., Hip Aristocrat - some great stuff here.
That said, this record is a hell of a lot less obscure than the usual IRA posting. Probably, a lot of you already have it. But if you don't, here you go.
Pretty much every record CBATMB put out before Unconditionally Guaranteed was a major move from the one before it. This is the one time where an album came out sort of like the one before it. For that reason, it is probably my least favorite of the string from Safe As Milk through Clear Spot. But even so, I really like this record. And I think it is the first one of them I had all those years ago.
OK, so it's not *exactly* like Trout Mask Replica. There's some marimba, and the recording is a little less field sounding. After this one, he went to a little more of a stripped down sound for Spotlight Kid, a very underrated record.


atanase said...

this is adevastating record. everyone should hear it. in a way for some who struggle with double length TMR this is more condensed and more coherent. i was going to put it up on my blog but you've beat me to it... it is hardly treading water though.

tarsier-sakura said...

Sadly, Rapidshare have removed this file, please could you re-upload it somewhere? The Cd is selling on Amazon second-hand for around 45 British pounds (almost 90 USD) nowadays - ouch!

ge said...

Artie Tripp is such a good drummer!
saw them live in that incarnation. Rockette Morton'd do a 5 minute insane bass solo/'dance' and then Artie came out in shirtless vest and monocle, sat down at the cans and goes AH!-AH!!!-AH!!! [1-2-3] and proceeds to pound the living simplistic Beefheartian polyrhythmic hell out of 'em for the set---I was about 13 feet away in Ebbetts Field Denver...

when I had not heard the record in years and was wondering why few reissues {i found one thankfully on CD] appeared, I realised I had the first song memorized in all its unmelodic stammering growling nuts poetry that doesnt repeat with choruses or anything easy, which is a testament to the Cap's uniqueness:
'Rather than I wanna hold yer hand I wanna swaller you whole, and lick you everywhere you think, everywhere that's pink...the whole kit'n'kaboodle & the kitchen sink...'