Friday, January 5, 2007

Never Trust a Hippy

The Soft Boys - A Can of Bees

I first heard about the Soft Boys as a punk / new wave band from England. OK, in the US middle west, we weren't the hippest of the hip, but that's how they were sold to me at the record shop. That was and is horseshit. I know hippies when I hear them.

With that aside, this is a pretty good album, although I like it a good deal less than I did when I first got it. Like a lot of the psychedelic revival stuff of the '80's, this tends to emphasize wackiness over songwriting, and suffers from a bit of poor sound. Then again, they were here five years before just about anyone else.

Or else, about eight years too late. Lead Softie Robyn had been poking around Canterbury for a long time prior to this coming out from what I understand. But who cares about that. It doesn't affect this platter one bit.

On the next two - Underwater Moonlight and Invisible Hits - they did a better job of mixing popcraft in with the goofy stuff. Still, this one is worth hearing, and oddly has been out of print for a long time. Why is that, when every solo album of Robyn's for every obscure label in Britain is still available from somebody?


zippy said...

No comments yet?? This album is ,I agree , not nearly as accessible as the rest of the Soft Boys but it is a definitely more challenging and eclectric group of songs. I believe that in this case the influence of Captain Beefheart supercedes the other influences-Beatles, Byrds, Barrett(Syd) -The 4 B's in short..
plus a little punk rock of course! Still a good album Thanx a lot!!

The Kitchen Cynic said...

I LOVE this one! Thanks very, very, much. Lost my Vinyl of it years ago. Great to hear again!