Friday, January 19, 2007

Odds and Ends

Here's a few things that have fallen between the cracks. Let's fix that.

More Edgar Varese, this time the Music of... v. 2. Two part file:

The first Lou Reed solo album. Enh. I got this from somewhere else, but I don't remember where.

The second Mecki Mark Men record (Running Through the Night?). Again, someone asked a while ago, and I forgot to put it up.

Brute Force, Confections of Love. Why are you clowns not all over this? It's genius.

Jazzactual, records 1-3. I must have somehow deleted the original post.

The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show. This is really cool. Features NWW artist Annette Peacock.

That is all.


Shane said...

Hey...this clown did dig the Brute's got that surprising weirdness that makes me grin with painted lips.

Ellaguru said...

me too i will try this clown!

dell said...

i got some clown makeup in my eye and it looked like blunt force.


...u wouldnt happen to have their s/t album would u?

ratm said...

This is a great blog, man.

Any chance of getting a re-up of Lord Buckley - Immaculately Hip Aristocrat? That'd be amazing.

Hey said...

I dig the new digs. Thanks for sticking around.
Your pal,

Maljardin said...

Fuck!!! terrible blog dude!! really thanks for all this music, real music!!!

esping said...

Thanks for beeing so insistent about Brute Force. I saw it on the old blog but decided against downloading it. Amazing stuff. Have you by any chance the Hellers 10-inch albums ?

TBA said...

No 10-inches, sorry. I didn't even know about them.

esping said...

Hellers had thrre 10-inch albums out. They were all released in'67
"Creative Freakout, "City Songs" and "Brief Bouncers". Are there any other Brute Force albums ? I've been playing this album constantly for a month now.

kqwiet said...

Hey there! Love your blog! Any chance of a track listing for I Brute Force? I was able to find 10 track titles but there are 11 on the album! Cheers all!


sergei said...

This is great blog...
But I can't unrar Meck Mark Men... need a password. Could you publish it?