Monday, January 8, 2007

Their Favorite Tour Spiels

The Minutemen - Ballot Result

Tour spiel is the Minutemen term for a song about touring. 99% of tour spiels suck - think Turn the Page, for example. The other 1% are by the Minutemen.

The Minutemen are more than 20 years gone, a fact that took me by surprise when I saw that documentary about them (you haven't seen that yet?, why not?) I saw these guys on one of their last tours in the summer of '85, and they were phenomenal.

This lp was put together after D. Boon's car crash, and it was based on the results of fan polling for their favorite songs (hence the title). These are almost all live and alternate versions, with a couple of unreleased things popping in here and there.

The Minutemen tend to be remembered as part of the SoCal hardcore scene. Fair enough, but they sound *nothing* like those bands. They had a real supple funk feel that still holds up well today. The sound quality on this is spotty, but it really doesn't matter - hell, the sound quality on their main releases sucks, too.

Rock trivia: Mike Watt from this band is the new bass player for the reformed Stooges. Great choice, because Mike is the man.


Y.E. Vulva said...

if U have a copy of "double nickels..." knocking around - would most surely appreciate a posting - used to have it on vinyl but had to pass it up when moving country, tch!

what a righteous rockin' mo-fo sound they conjoured...


Dan & Robin said...

FUCK YES, thanks so much man! I think I've got everything by the Minutemen now except for "D. Boon & Friends" album that came out recently...

This is great and believe it or not, quite difficult to find. Kudos to your sir, you've made my day. (week? month?)