Wednesday, January 24, 2007

To Torture Or Not To Torture?

Sonny Sharrock - Monkey-Pockie-Boo

Sonny Sharrock was the most out-there of the out-there guitar players. His playing was like shards of glass zipping through the air - atonal, arrhythmic, ugly. I think of him as the Albert Ayler of guitar (a high complement from these parts)

This is maybe his most nuts album. It's a trio date with a French rhythm section, and includes his wife Linda in several parts. It came out on the BYG label in 1969.

My wife came into the room when I was burning it to CD from the vinyl. She made the observation that it sounded like a woman being tortured. Me, I think she sounds much more like she is imitating a screaming horn, probably a trumpet. Either way, she's taking Patty Waters a step farther in a way similar to Yoko. If you hate Yoko (for her music, not because she broke up the Beatles *yawn*), you should probably steer away.

But if you like Patty or Yoko, or if you like the most out jazz, you'll probably love this one. This is another of the NWW list, for those of you who care.


Ifearsatan said...

This is such an amazing album.

If you are interested I'm going to be doing an avant garde mix blog here

Thanks for all the great posts

fotsvamp said...

Diamonds skronks forever!

dell said...

kiss my grits!

been trying to get my mits on this joint for a minute or 2.


Korpus said...

You did me a great pleasure with this.
He is one of the people i never saw live on stage yet, and i saw a lot off concerts. but anyway this album is experimental and the new way of Sonny in that time.

humppazoid said...

Hi! may I ask You to re-upload this great album, please?

martinf said...

yes, could you please upload it again? and is there any chance to hear "Dance With Me Montana", the french live record from 1982?

tabbyjill said...

I'm so gutted that this & the Alice Coltrane have both been forbidden for some reason. What happened?

Matt said...

I second (third? fourth?) the request for an upload on this one. I'm excited to hear it.