Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wild Ass Garage Rock From New Zealand

Chants R&B - Stage Door Witchdoctors

This is a kick ass comp of garage rock from New Zealand (where is the old one, by the way? Is it Zeeland, MI? Probably not, because it is spelled differently). Like a lot of Austr/NZ garage rock, it's got the balls-to-the-wall dementia thing cold.

I'd liken this one to the Missing Links. If'n you like that, you'll like this too. Like the 'Links, the material is kinda spotty - lots of covers or borrowed riffs - but they sell it with real live conviction.

Other than that, not too much to say. Just a good solid garage comp.


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Stephen said...

Zealand is in The Netherlands. Looks like the Dutch got there (NZ)before the Brits (chinese before either according to 1421.
I think Chants R&B is one group isn't it? Have to dig out the Ugly Things(garage zine) that had the cd review in.