Monday, January 22, 2007

The Worst Blue Eyeshadow Job, Ever

Kim Fowley - International Heroes

Look at that picture, will you. Keep in mind that Kim is also about 6'7" and around 130# (for those of you who work on meters and kilograms, that's really tall and really skinny). This is the kind of thing that gives the most fearless people nightmares.

Kim Fowley has always majored in shock value. Dig his record titles: Outrageous, Good Clean Fun, I'm Bad, Animal God of the Streets, etc. This record is the best of a few that grab on the glam movement to shock the pinks.

I really like this record. It's much higher budget than Kim usually gets, and he uses the big productions to nice effect. When you surround him with background singers and let the players rehearse beforehand, you get to see how good the compositions are without being distracted by the low-budget production values.
Even though a lot of money went into the making of this record, it must have stiffed. There don't seem to be a lot of copies around, and I've never seen a reissue of it. Still, if you like Kim, this is one of his best.
Oh, and this link is still active for another hard to find Fowley rekkid, his first:


Ellaguru said...

great post tba! the two albums are good and difficult to find!

FM SHADES said...

nice post, thanks! here's another album here I posted awhile back.

Ellaguru said...

i listned the two and sincerely i prefer when kim is more "raw"..."love is alive" and well is great(like the other LP of fowley that you like),and "international heroes"is more...confidential,maybe? anyway thanx to make us discover this forgotten artist

Maxim de Winter said...

I saw Kim F doing a PA at Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus, London, about two-three years ago, and he is - still!- one of the strangest, most illimitable people you'll see in real life. He came out with three Band-Aids on his face, did a few songs, then said "let me just get out of my stage gear" as he ripped them off his skin, and got down into the audience to ask them to improvise song lyrics with him. I think he enjoys his life a lot.

Fernando said...

Hi, Very nice Blog!!!!, It's possible to repost International heroes? I like "Visions of the Future" another good kim fowleys album...

check the link here:


el flaco

MCJenkins said...

Can you repost this?

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the repost! Trying to get all the Fowley I can!