Sunday, January 14, 2007

You Think You're Bored...

Destroy All Monsters - Bored

This is a record I had wanted to hear for a long time before I found it. This is where Ron Asheton went after he was in the Stooges.

They were a band before Ron signed up, though. There are some lo-fi recordings of some pretty out-there stuff from the mid-70's - much more jazz and free rock than what you'll get here.

By this time, though, they are in a pretty punk rock with noises phase. Trust me, there's better examples of this genre out there. I find this one pretty shrill.

In their defense, I don't think this was ever planned as a record. It's really a couple singles and probably some rehearsal tapes or something. And from what I hear, this is a band that had to be seen to be understood.

If any of you really enjoy this, please post a comment and tell me what I'm missing.


Ellaguru said...

thanx for minutement, great record!
i have double nickel pn the dime, a record that everyone should have in a discography at home

lo-fi jr. said...

While this may not have been Ron Ashton's best, it was at least better than the New Order LP. You're probably right about the live experience beating the records as Niagra was pretty stunning (and might still be judging from some recent photos I saw).

urania235 said...

I don't get it either.