Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Art Punks

The Homosexuals CD

I don't know too much about this band, and every time I try to Google them, I get a bunch of sites that are.... pretty explicit. Not too much help.

I do know that this band is related somehow to L. Voag, one of the NWW weirdo records. I do know it was recorded in about 1978, but not released until 1984, when it was pretty out of date. And I do know it is a pretty sought after item.

Mostly, I know that it sounds a lot like the Debris record I posted a couple of months ago. Sort of punk, sort of art rock, a little bit of studio trickery (dead giveaway that it isn't a straight punk record). Pretty cool a song or three at a time, but way too much over a whole album.

You can draw a straight line downward from Roxy through Debris to Swell Maps to this and bottoming out at the Dead Kennedys and Plasmatics. If all of this sounds like a tepid recommendation, maybe compared to the Henske Yester record it is, but this is still worth a listen if you are an art rocker.


Phil said...

it's available via ReR at

they also have a 3 cd comp of other material

lo-fi jr. said...

Had the same trouble trying to google info on legendary Chicago garage-punks The Cunts. Adding their label (Disturbing Records)to the search only made things worse.

Anthony said...

Thank you for this. I got The Just Measurers the other day and have been looking for this or the L. Voag album. So it was a pleasure to come across your blog. To be honest I have already leached three albums from you today, so it has been quite a pleasure.

I was wondering if you would be willing to repost the Cromagnon album from your old blog. Also thought I might as well ask is there any chance you know anywhere the L. Voag album is up?

Keep up the good work.

esping said...

There's a great article on them and various connected projects in the latest issue of Ugly Things. Well worth checking out

Anthony said...

I found this interview with L. Voag that kind of explains the Homosexuals and all the various spin off projects. If people are interested