Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Enter a New World

Jandek - Chair By a Window

Posted because everyone needs to hear at least one Jandek record.

I like to compare listening to a Jandek record to watching someone pull the scabs off their skin. Real slowly. Music for nightmares, don't listen alone.



lemmy caution said...

thanks, i don't have this one.

urania235 said...

Have you been spying on my record collection? This is one of the few Jandek records I'm missing. Thanks again!
- Roscoe

Matt said...

I would be eternally grateful if you could reup the milford graves percussion ensemble that was posted on the PLO board.


Theo said...

fnatastic!! thank you :)

urania235 said...

Question about the Sharrock re-ups:

is Monkey-Pocky-Boo one 16:57 track?
and Black Woman tracks 04 - 08 only?

cuz that's what I got when I extracted the zip files.

Not complaining about your true generosity in sharing these, just asking.

- Roscoe

TBA said...

Shit. Might have done the wrong files. There should be a single long track and two short ones for the Monkey Pock. If that's not what you've got, I'll have to redo the sucker. It'll be a couple days though - life, etc.

Roach said...

Good stuff, I check your spot first thing every morning. I transferred this LP this week for my boss, thought your readers might enjoy it. It's not as interesting as alot of the stuff on here, but worth a listen. Lots of keyboard, organs, and an interesting track called "Pete The Bondage Freak". This is the only album I've found info on by this guy.

Michael Perlitch - Keyboard Tales (1972) @320:


urania235 said...

Got the 3 tracks for Monkey Pocky. Gracias!

"Black Woman" zip has tracks labeled 04-08. Does this mean there are tracks 01-03 that didn't make it?

urania235 said...

Okay, I dug up the info on my own.

Interesting to note that Sharrock appears on another record featured on this magnificent blog: Brute Force - Brute Force

Here are track listings and liner notes for both Sharrock records:

Black Woman (1969)

Sonny Sharrock - Guitar
Lynda Sharrock - Vocals
Dave Burrell - Piano
Norris Jones(Sirone) - Bass
Milford Graves - Drums
Ted Daniel - Trumpet
Richard Pierce - Bass
Gary Sharrock - Bells

1.Black Woman
4.Blind Willie
5.Portrait of Lynda in
Three Colors, All Black

Sonny's debut Solo LP is a forgotten classic of the New York jazz scene of the late 60's. Originally released on Vortex, a division of Atlantic, and produced by Herbie Mann, This album features Sonny & Lynda with a killer band.


Monkey-Pockie-Boo (1970)

Sonny Sharrock - Guitar
Lynda Sharrock - Vocals
Bob Guerin- Bass
Jacques Thollot - Drums

1. 27th Day
2. Soon
3. Monkey-Pockie-Boo

Recorded 6/22/70 in Paris for BYG/Actuel, and later re-released on Charly. This features Sonny and Lynda in a free setting with a french rythym section (Thollot having previously shared the stage with Sharrock for Don Cherry's Eternal Rythym).

This LP was produced by Jean Georgakarakos, (who would later form Celluloid), a rather notorious record biz scoundrel. Sonny told the story of how, after recording these sessions, he had to kidnap the master tapes, in order to "leverage" his (rather meager) fee for the recording.

urania235 said...

Chronological Recordings of Sonny Sharrock

The Echoes: "Teenage Lover's Lullabye"
(unreleased), 13 Dec 1957
Pharoah Sanders: Tauhid
Impulse! A(S)-9138, 15 Nov 1966
Rick Colbeck
(unissued session for Pixie Records), 23 Nov 1966
Marzette Watts: Marzette Watts
ESP 1044, 8 Dec 1966
Byard Lancaster: It's Not Up To Us
Vortex 2003, 19 Dec 1966
Herbie Mann: Memphis Underground
Atlantic SD 1522, 1968
Herbie Mann: Windows Open
Atlantic SD 1507, 8 Feb & 2 April 1968
Herbie Mann: (Title Unknown)
Atlantic 2498, 8 Feb. 1968
Herbie Mann: The Evolution of Man
Rhino (Atlantic) R271634, 8 Feb 1968 & 8 July 1972
Roy Ayers: Stoned Soul Picnic
Atlantic SD 1514, 1968
Sonny Sharrock: Black Woman
Vortex 2014, 2/22 Oct 1968 & 8/16 May 1969
Herbie Mann: Concerto Grosso in D Blues
Atlantic SD 1540, 11/12 Nov 1968
Don Cherry: Eternal Rhythm
MPS/BASF 20680, 11/12 Nov 1968
Herbie Mann: Stone Flutes
Embryo SD 520, 18/19 Nov 1968
Pharoah Sanders: Izipho Zam
Strata East SES-19733, 14 Jan 1969
Herbie Mann: Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go
Atlantic SD 1536, 6 June 1969
Roy Ayers: Daddy Bug
Atco 1692, 13 Aug1969
Roy Ayers: Daddy Bug and Friends
Atco 1692, 1969
Wayne Shorter: Super Nova
Blue Note BST 84332, 29 Aug & 2 Sept 1969
Miles Davis: A Tribute to Jack Johnson
Columbia PC 30455, 7 April 1970
Sonny Sharrock: Monkey-Pockie-Boo
BYG Actuel 37, 22 June 1970
Brute Force: Brute Force
Embryo SD 522, Summer 1970
Herbie Mann: (Title Unknown)
Embryo SD 531, Nov 1970
Steve Marcus Quartet: Green Line
Storyville 1011, 9 Nov 1970
Byard Lancaster: (Unreleased session for Douglas Records)
Herbie Mann: (Title Unknown)
Embryo SD 533, 19/21 April 1971
Herbie Mann: Hold On, I'm Comin'
Atlantic SD 1632, 12 June & 8 July 1972
Various (Herbie Mann): Newport in New York '72, The Soul Sessions Volume 6
Cobblestone CST 9028 26488, 8 July 1972
Sonny & Linda Sharrock: "Another Place" Soundtrack
(unissued (?) Sadat Prakai (?) film), 31 July 1973
Sonny & Linda Sharrock: (unissued)
WKCR-FM, 21 March 1974
Sonny & Linda Sharrock: Paradise
Atco SD 36-121, July (?) 1975
Sonny Sharrock, et al: Improvised Music 1981
Mu Works MU W 1007, 18 Sept 1981
Material: Memory Serves
Elektra/Musician E1-60042, 1982
Sonny Sharrock Band: Dance With Me, Montana
Marge 20, 29/30 March 1982
Last Exit: Last Exit
Enemy 101, Feb 1986
Last Exit: Koln
ITM 1446, 12 Feb 1986
Last Exit: The Noise of Trouble
Enemy 103, Oct 1986
Sonny Sharrock: Guitar
Enemy 102, 1986
Sonny Sharrock: (unissued on-air solo performance)
WKCR-FM, 9 Feb 1987
Ginger Baker: No Material
ITM 1435, March 1987
Last Exit: Cassette Recordings '87
Enemy/Celluloid 6147, 1987
Sonny Sharrock Band: Seize the Rainbow
Enemy 104, May 1987
Machine Gun: Machine Gun
Mu Works MU 1001, 1988
Last Exit: Iron Path
Venture 38, Virgin 7 91015-2, 1988
Last Exit: Headfirst Into the Flames
Mu Works MU 1013, 1989
Machine Gun: Open Fire
MUNY 1003, 1989
Sonny Sharrock Band: Live in New York
Enemy 108, 14 July 1989
Various Artists: Knitting Factory Goes to the Northwest
Knitting Factory Works KFW CD-101, 14 July 1989
Pheeroan akLaff: Sonogram
Mu Works MU W 1004, Aug 1989
Bill Cosby and Friends: Where You Lay Your Head
Verve 841 930-2, 1990
Sonny Sharrock & Nicky Skopelitas: Faith Moves
CMP 52, 1990
Sonny Sharrock Band: Highlife
Enemy 119/EFA 03519, Oct 1990
Various Artists: Live at the Knitting Factory, Volume 4
A&M 75021 5332 2, 3 Feb 1990
Sonny Sharrock: Ask the Ages
Axiom 422-848-957, 1991
Various Artists: Illuminations: Axiom Collection
Axiom 422-848-958-2
Various Artists: Live at the Knitting Factory, Volume 2
Knitting Factory Works KFW KFWCD 98, 1991
Sonny Sharrock & Nicky Skopelitas: (unissued on-air duo performance)
WNYC-FM, "New Sounds" #711, 9 Sept 1991
Sonny Sharrock: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
Cartoon Network SGCTC1CD, 19 Nov 1993
Various Artists: Axiom Ambient: Lost in the Translation
Axiom 314-524-053-2, 1991 (Mixed July 1994)
Discography courtesy of Charles Blass.

C. Augusto Vald├ęs said...

Hey, could you re-up "music for pussycats"? it's the perfect valentine gift!!

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