Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is That a Real Raga or a Sears Raga?

Clark - Hutchinson - A = Mh2

I bought this record expecting raga guitar and tablas, both from reading reviews and from reading the blurbs on the back cover. That's not really what they are doing though. It's far more like a let-er-rip turn up the amps guitar noodle record.

As such things go, it is not particularly well focused. It does have a certain charm though, especially in the use of non-Western modes and rhythms for a lot of it.
I'll recommend this more as a background than a foreground music experience. In fact, those of you who are really into library music might particularly like this. And if you are a film-maker, you could probably do a lot worse as a backdrop for moderate tension action scenes than some of these workouts.
The burn is from a pretty clean vinyl copy, but there are a couple of spots with some noise. It's a promo copy, so probably a little hotter than the store-bought versions (assuming there are any of those).


black-n-blue-rock-n-roll-baby said...

Can you please, please, PLEASE re-post Luie Luie's "El Touchy". Our CD player just ate our copy; maybe it was trying to tell us something, but we LOVE that CD and NEED another copy!!!!

TBA said...

I see that guy over at De Musica Alterque put this up. Good thing, because some dick is tearing down my links by the minute.