Monday, February 26, 2007

Re-ups: by request

Gil Scott-Heron - Bridges (possibly our most popular post ever!)

Cromagnon - Orgasm (one of the weirdest of the weird!)


Brandon Larson said...

Hey TBA- thanks for all the interesting posts both at the PLO and here in your new and already fascinating home. Just went back to read your original post on "Bridges"-- It was released at least once on CD. I happen to have a copy that I bought about 10 years ago in a cutout bin at a Sam Goody. (For $3! I got it based on the cover alone.
It's a Japanese Arista, copyright 1994.
Anyway if you don't have a clean copy of it, I bet I could up this to you some way or another.

Anthony said...

Thank you for the cromagnon. I haven't had the chance to sit all the way through it yet. But so far it is indeed one of the weirdest records I have heard.

booblikon said...

thanks for the CROMAGNON, i was one of those who requested it. found it on yer previous blog, but it was already deleted. unusual fer sure but you can tell there are trained musicians involved, happy to be able to finally hear it. =>

Counter Clock said...


Any chance of a re-re-up on Cromagnon? I only got one file before your friend had it removed. Been looking for this for forever.


Counter Clock

Dr Debaser said...

Oh NO--I've missed the Gil Scott Heron again..I cannot understand why it been deleted. Maybe Gil Scott-Heron is more popular than I thought? [I hope so-he's a undervalued and underrated artist].

Repost Bridges if poss-please.

Thanks Dr Debaser