Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Record They Didn't Want You To Hear

Robin Gibb - Sing Slowly Sisters

A Robin Gibb record without the rest of the bros can be a trying experience. But this one is so melodramatic, the company didn't even put it out.

If you were following the BeeGees from the get-go, you know Robin had this in him. Dig I Started a Joke, or maybe Turn Me Down. Here's another whole album plus from that bag.

Speaking of the BeeGees, if you don't know their first three platters, do yerself a favor and buy the first three platters reissued on shiny metal disc. The mastering job is top notch, letting the millions of mellotrons and the Paulie Mac bass really stand out like it never did on my old vinyl. Start with the 1st, because the blue-eyed soul is packed tight on that one. From there, Idea is a good choice. Horizontal is a little half-baked, more chorus than song, but you'll want that, too.

Back to Robin: the sound on here is not great. In fact, it's pretty poor. Still, if you dig the 'Gees, and not because of that Night Fever shite, give it a try.


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This is good but doesn't com close to Night Fever-era Bee Gees. For once you've made a misjudgement.