Friday, February 2, 2007

Vegans Rock!

Stephen and the Farm Band - Up In Your Thing

The first time I heard this was in a used record store, and I decided I had to have it. The clerk told me it wasn't for sale (stupid move, retailers - the correct answer is "I'll sell it to you for XXX"). So, I got on the auction sites until I found one.

I got it, and it wasn't quite what I remembered it being, but it is still pretty cool. The instrumental work is pretty US rural psych. The vocals can get into YaHoWa territory, both in a good and bad way. My favorite parts are when the singers stop and the rockers rock.

These guys were part of a commune founded by one of the minor acid gurus of the 60's (Stephen Gaskin, if you are keeping score at home). From what I can gather, they were sorta borderline cultish in some ways, but not as dark as Manson or Mel Lyman. Their cookbook is still a popular one for vegetarians and they are kinda famous among midwives as a successful hold-out for home birth in the states. They put out at least four albums I know of, with this being the second. The first is by far the best, but this one is good, too. Dig it with a fresh green salad and a hummus plate.

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