Monday, February 26, 2007


Der Plan - Geri Reig

This is perhaps the hardest record to characterize that I've put up yet. It is a fully synth and vocals record, but it doesn't sound like any other I've heard. Even though it is German, it doesn't sound a damn thing like Kraftwerk, Cluster, etc. Even though it gets compared to the Residents, I just don't hear that, either.

It *is* a very psychedelic record. The best comparison I can come up with is a whole record made up of the best parts of the best Butthole Surfers records - Kuntz from LAT, the middle section of Jimi from HTS. Weirdness for the sake of weirdness.

Another frame of reference that noone will agree with is like Hawkwind with all the organic instruments stripped out. All you are left with is that rhythmic chug and the weird oscillator noises. There's a couple of parts that feel like this for me.

Whatever I say, I'm not going to do this justice. I wish there were a lot more records like this. This is what synth music should have turned into in the 80s, not that GD new romantic shite.

Another NWW favorite!


urania235 said...

Yay! Now I don't have to rip my precious vinyl. This is a truly amazing record.

formula 44 said...

I love this album. I discovered these guys thru listening to early D.A.F. (the good stuff, not the pop!)


TBA said...

Wow. You two are getting to be regular contributors. Thanks. We need more like you!

esping said...

I remember reading about Der Plan back in the early eighties but never managing to find any records. Great to finally get to hear this. And yes, I liked this a greta deal too. I have had so much great stuff from this blog, stuff that I always wanted to hear but never found while it was around. Thanks

gerireig said...

I liked it so much, I named myself after it! My #2 all-time fav rock band (after einsturzende). You've done a favor to music-lover everywhere.

Daniel said...

Sheeet! I've been looking for this forever. Is there any possibility of a re-post? I'd be so very very greatful :)

benito X said...

Great album.
I posted this some time ago on decoder.
If you like this you might find some other stuff there you like (no recent posts but old links should still function).
Had a comment from Pyrolator (Der Plan member and owner of Atatak Records) asking me to take it down... Fairy Nuff.

I was mousing around on PLO and saw something that looked really interesting to me:
Vinnie Bell - Pop Goes the Electric Sitar
Not sure if you still get comments from there, but any chance you could revive this one???