Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Zu-Zu Man Stretches Out - By Request

Dr. John - Remedies

Early Dr. John records are a real treat. If you only know him as the Tom Waits-lite bar singer he is today (I can see the comments folder filling up already), do yourself a favor and dig deeper. His first cluster of records are way better than that - psychedelic voodoo jams from top to bottom.

This one is probably the weakest of the first four, only because the side long set piece at the end drifts a bit. Call this the four-and-a-half star spread among the five star works.

In addition to being the weakest of the quartet, it is by far the hardest to find. They must not have pressed very many of these - I never, ever see a copy of it around. For some reason, the next album (Sun Moon and Herbs) must have sold about 10 times as much. Maybe because a couple of the Stones are on it.

If you dig this, do yourself a favor and find the rest of 'em.


fuzztunnel said...

I won't fill up your comments folder here since I said my piece elsewhere.


esping said...

Really glad to have this. I agrre with you, it's one of his best. Thanks a lot

Maya said...

Hi! Could you put the file up again for me please??If it's easy!


Queequeg said...

Man, thank you so much for all this audio greatness. I would put a voodoo curse of whoever you want to have this. I have an old, old, old *ahem* cassette mix tape with 'Night Tripper' on it, but no way to play my boxes of tapes anymore.

Reup request!