Sunday, March 11, 2007

IRA Comes Back, Phoenix-Like

Frank Wright

Frank Wright was an avant-garde sax player from the ESP stable. If you had to pick a prototypical player from the scene, Frank would be it. Not nearly as distinctive as the more lionized heroes of the scene, and not as obtuse as the most unlistenable honkers.
These are both very listenable albums, at least as far as ESP goes. Grab 'em fast, I've apparently got an angry deleter hanging around.


urania235 said...

Good Sheet Mon!

Hey said...

Hey IRA,
RE: Deleters...
Time Traveller is doing this now:
You post upload to them, they upload to 4 other services, & keep reupping if the file gets deleted.
The only problem is you don't get to use your Rapidshare account, I believe.
See it in action:

Yer pal,

urania235 said...

I like rapidshare. It's the only file-download entity I've ever paid money for. Too bad they don't offer better security against the troublemakers.

TBA said...

Word. I didn't know that the Time Traveller was a reader! I'm honored, and I'll check that service out. Thanks, rocker.

fuzztunnel said...

Wow, if sharebee does what it claims, that is one damn fantastic service! Geniuses!

Ego Kornus said...

Wright is the word thanks for posting!

dipmong said...

hey friend thanks for the hot wax
maybe ive got a few slabs you'd like ,come on over

bolingo69 said...

I'm obviously very late to the party and especially happy that despite your meanderings and fears that this would have been deleted shortly I can happily proove this wrong!

Thank you very much for making these Wright desicions!

I've just found my way here so it seems there are many other goodies.. Crazy Liberian aunts, Lord Buckley... et. al.

Well, I can but say that I do share some of your elaborate and elevated taste!