Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More ESP Goodness

Marzette Watts and Company

This is the earliest Sonny Sharrock recording I'm aware of. He's not really a big part of this one - there are a lot of folks on this one making their mark. But he's already way far out from the other jazz guitar pickers of his day.

I've read that Marzette and Patty Waters were an item at the time. He's on her record, and I bought this hoping she'd return the favor. No such luck. It's pretty cool, regardless. In fact, it's a pretty representative ESP session (jazz version) of the time.



urania235 said...

Thanks again - can't get enough of that ESP goodness!

R3000 said...

I love this album - to be honest I just wanted to upload it after I saw your Frank Wright post.
But hey, here it is already...

Thanks for spreading this great recording !

Pavel said...

could you please re-post the album? this great music is just missing on rapidshare already :(