Monday, March 5, 2007

No Music on This Disc At All

Luc Ferrari - Presque Rein

Luc Ferrari was a musique concrete composer from way back, having worked with the early greats. This was a series of compositions from, as well as I can tell, most of the 1970's.

He might have been chronologically a little long in the tooth, but this is still some pretty out there stuff. In fact, there isn't a note of performed music that I can find on here. All found sound manipulation. Like the beginning of a mid-period Floyd album, but the band never kicks in.

My French skills are absent, so I don't really know much about this. I'm guessing it is a compilation from several different lp's because of the near 80 min run time. The track listings are a little weird - 10 tracks, but only 4 names. I tried to make that clear on the tags.

Another from our series of NWW nuggets. You can see why they liked this - it is only dissimilar from early NWW in mood, not style.


urania235 said...

God Bless your pointed little head!

TBA said...

Dedicated to reviving the lost science of phrenology!

Anonymous said...

From a French fan : the record is called "Presque rien", which means "Almost Nothing". It's a landmark in French electro-acoustic music. This is basically field recordings with very few interventions from the composer.