Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Return of the Lord

Lord Buckley - His Royal Hipness

Not much to say about this one. Either ya dig what the Lord is putting down, or you can't get it through your sphere. As you like it.

If you are a fan, and it sounds like you are, catch the youtube clip of the Lord on the Groucho Marx show. He is obviously scaring the shit out of the housewife he's matched up against. This was a cat that lived about a half century before his time.


ratm said...

Can't thank you enough, man. Nothin' beats the Lord.

Ellaguru said...

hi tba
sorry for the intrusion on this post, but
could you please re-up GTO's "permanent damage" from palestinian light orchestra blog? thanxxxxxx!!

Lyle said...

WOOHOOO! Can't get enough of The Lord - thanx, you groovy cat!

deconstructo said...

Apparently, Lord Buckley was one of the casualties of your link deleter. So sorry to hear this. I've been looking to replace my Lost Lord Buckley tapes from years ago. All I have left is Governor Slingwell Slugwell.

Jim said...

The links are dead, could you re-up, please?