Friday, April 27, 2007

Hippies Are Cool

Buzzy Linhart - Buzzy

Buzzy Linhart was a fringe participant in the NY folk scene from the early 60s through at least 1980 or so. He was both a side man and a recording artist for much of this time.
He is probably best known for a band that never recorded - a raga group that backed Fred Neil for a bit in 65-66 or so. If anyone has a tape of that....
His first recording was a group called Seventh Sons that did an extended raga-ish piece on ESP. The recording data claims 1964, I'm guessing it's more 67, though. It's cool, but not earth shattering.
This is the first under his name, and it came out on Philips in 1969. The front half is not terribly far from where Fred Neil was at the time. Meandering, vaguely raga feels, slow tempos, kinda blues phrasing. The difference is that Fred Neil is one of the top five vocalists, and Buzzy Linhart is not.
The back half is mostly taken up by a single sitar session called Sing Joy. It is about as Hare Krishna as a major label release gets. Meaning hippie bliss, mothas. Yee-hah!
Buzzy must have been fond of putting out albums called Buzzy, because he did it at least twice. The other one, like the rest of his stuff that I've heard, doesn't hold much for me. When he outgrew the raga, he left me behind.
Burned from vinyl in good, not great shape.


Lucie said...

Another great one, merci. Your blog is my very favorite.

JR HeatWarp said...

Been looking for this one for AGES! Many thanks!

Steven Strauss said...

I saw Buzzy at a series of cajun dances at Ashkenaz dance hall in Berkeley CA. Had to be more than five years back but no more than fifteen. Don't know if he was visiting or resident. I thanked him for the opening nude chase scene in "The Groove Tube" and pointed out that the house sound engineer could get him high. He seemed really happy.

Ludovica said...

This is a great album that has recently been re-mastered and re-released if you are looking for better quality (.
Personally I think Buzzy is one of the most underrated artistes of all time, but then as the man is a friend of mine, maybe I would say that, but no. I was a fan for 26 years before I ever got to know him, so come on people it wont cost much to buy the new version and you will be helping out a very sweet old guy