Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's See If This Thing Works

Sandy Bull - E Pluribus Unum

This is my first attempt at a vinyl rip with my new set up. Please loyal listeners, give me feedback about how this sounds. Questions I have:

1) Are there any glitches in the sound? I'm not hearing any, but in some of the testing I did on other records, I had problems.

2) How are the levels? Am I getting clipping? Too soft?

I chose to do this as my first burn for a couple reasons. One, it has one track per side, so I still haven't needed to learn how to put song breaks in yet. Baby steps.

More importantly, this is a genius fuckin' album. Deep as the Pacific Ocean, and twenty times as weird. Sandy is using the reverb and tremelo sounds as timekeepers here, playing against the drones set up by the effects. Don't believe AMG when they say this is Bull's worst album, because they LIE. This is the real deal.

If you like this, pick up the new live release on Water. It was recorded about the same time as Pluribus came out, and has a lot of the same material.

I'll wait until I get a couple of comments on the quality of the burn to get back on a regular schedule. I've got a few cool things to add on the way, so lemme know what you think.


dipmong said...

hi there
thanks for this,
what a hot slab
the rip sounds fine, no digital glitching, you could up the volume levels a tad. and there is a slight disparity in the volume levels, side one is slightly lower, than 2
apart from those minor quibbles this sounds A-1,
this is pretty raw sounding compared to the other s.bull records ive heard,

fuzztunnel said...

Welcome back! CDwave is a great free program for splitting a .wav into several .wavs. It's what I've used.

esping said...


Good to have you back. Great album, good sound. Have to agree with dipmong about the volume levels. That was also the problem with the Gil Scott-Heron album from a while ago

gomonkeygo said...

Haven't listened yet, but agree with you that this is his best album - pure effin' brilliance! How's the Sharebee workin' for you? I've had to take a break from my own blog because I was losing so much.

Hazy Dave said...

Yes, mp3trim was able to increase the volume by 6 dB for each track, so clipping is clearly not a problem. Normalizing the volume as a final step before encoding to mp3 is probably a decent idea. The fidelity is a bit hard to judge, but it sounds fine - no obvious digital glitches, and the vinyl pops 'n' clicks come through clearly.

That's a catchy little blues number.

TBA said...

Sharebee is so far, so good. I'm sure some cockknuckle will come up with a way to screw with it, too. But for now, they're staying up.

Hey Dave, whassat program you are talking about? I didn't know such a thing existed. I'm hoping it doesn't do like compression, and just bring all the levels togther, but instead pulls them all up toward the top end. Yes?

Thanks for all the feedback. I'll try to get to some more burns early next week.

Richard43 said...

I used to have a copy of Sandy Bull's first album, Inventions. Really ahead of it's time in concept and sonics. It' will be interesting to hear this one. Thanks for sharing!

J.G.W. said...

I agree with the first folks here: the audio sounds great, the rip's just fine, and, more importantly, the record's fantastic. Cheers.

Raymond said...

Hey there. Thanks for the album. I have no idea who this guy is but the music is fantastic. I'll definitely be back!

Willian said...

sweet lord!

thanks , i've been looking for this for a while!