Friday, May 4, 2007

Reader of the Day Award

Eroc - 1 and 2

The IRA sympathizer of the day award goes out to a reader who calls hisself (herself) Dreamy. Ol' D posted not one, but two Eroc records in glorious 320 sound. I, for one, can't hardly wait to dig in. I'll forgo my usual snarky comments on this one, because I don't know a damn thing about it.

Eroc 1

Eroc 2

pw: dreamy

Take a bow, Dreamy.


dreamy said...

Thanks for the praise TBA...Can't wait to read your own thoughts about the records...Here's part 3!!

Eroc - (1979) Eroc 3


Eroc 3 wasn’t really a solo album but rather a retrospective of his works starting from 1968 and contained besides two new tracks mainly archived recordings done by him with Grobschnitt or the previous band called Crew Blues Session. Let’s go roughly through the tracks presented here.

“Wutpickel” is a short bluesy piece originating from the time between disbandment of Crew Blues Session and formation of Grobschnitt when Joachim Ehrig played in a trio with the same name. “Tontillon” is an improvised instrumental track from the recording sessions for "Rockpommel's Land" and in a similar slightly melancholic vein as this album. “Fito Linte” and “Wolkenreise” are true solo works by Eroc and the latter one especially became quite well-known due to its highly memorable soaring melody. That one had been written as an introduction for Grobschnitt’s 1978 live show. “Solar Plexus” is an excerpt of a live recording for "Solar Music" overdubbed with accordeon. “Euer Lied” is another one of Eroc’s fun pieces, a rather simple drum solo starting with an invitation of the audience to accomplish it with their own music. “Falke Whips It Out” is a collage of recordings from 1968/69 featuring an improvisation over "Born To Be Wild", some screaming, some parodistic pompous organ solo and a phone talk of Eroc with Grobschnitt roadie Peter Falke railing about some famous Prog bands. “About My Town” is an early live recording by Grobschnitt from 1971 with second drummer Axel Harlos which never saw a release on any of their albums. “Sunny Sunday's Sunset” is a demo version of the recording session for Jumbo album sounding completely different from the final version. The final “He's Around Here” was the first recording of Crew Blues Session which never saw a release, the music is a rather simple beat and only the voice of Stefan Danielak reminds at Grobschnitt. “Crew Blues Session” is an excerpt of an improvisation of the band played during their farewell concert in October 1969. This was actually the very original version of "Solar Music", here still with scatting vocals by bass player Peter Klassen but one can hear already the typical spacey sound.

Track Listings
1. Wutpickel (1:41)
2. Tontillon (6:20)
3. Fito Linte (3:30)
4. Wolkenreise (4:27)
5. Solar Plexus (3:13)
6. Euer Lied (3:34)
7. Falke Whips It Out (6:32)
8. About My Town (3:48)
9. Sunny Sunday's Sunset (3:52)
10. He's Around Here (3:25)
11. Crew Blues Session (6:40)
12. Feuerwolken (4’41)
13. Journey Of The Clouds (3:39)
14. Wolkenträume (3:42)
15. Signs In The Sky (4:08)
16. Chilly Clouds (4:23)
17. Bad Girl (2:46)

- Axel Harlos / percussion
- Bernhard Uhlemann / bass, flute
- Gerd-Otto Kühn / lead guitar
- Joachim Ehrig (Eroc) / drums, percussion
- Ranier Loskand / vocals
- Stefan Danielak / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Wolfgang Jäger / bass

320kb, cover included
pw --> dreamy


Appa said...

Amazing! I was just looking for the Eroc 1 album, I had it as 128, and what do I find: this gift from above! Huge thanks!

Kurt said...

Part 2 of each of the Eroc posts -- all 3 albums -- will download but won't open (at least not with the "dreamy" password).

marco said...

Thanks a lot for Eroc! Best wishes from Berlin