Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sharebee Down, What Else Is New?

Man, this Sharebee service is cool, but it breaks down a lot. Too bad, as I've got a couple gems ready to go. Is anyone else having trouble with them?

I think I might be missing a bunch of re-up requests down the list here. If you loyal readers have requests, put them in the comments here, and I'll try to get to them. Special respect will be given to readers who give back to the team, my requests are listed in the comments, too.


TBA said...

Want list, please help:
Michel Magne - Moshe Mouse
Les Sinners - Anything but Vox Populii
Gilbert Artman - Urban Sax
Thrice Mice
Lewis Furey
That reissue of the Rationals album that has all the singles on it
Other cool shit.
Righteous, man.

gomonkeygo said...

before today, I kept having uploads quit right before they are finished. But today it worked great! Fast and no problems.

actuel said...

i love the idea of Sharebee but it seems pretty inconsistant. ima stick with good ol' 'divshare' until it looks like Sharebee has squash its issues.

btw, as usual lovin' the shares...particularly the most recent Noah Howards


fuzztunnel said...

hey man, i'm at work at the moment but i'll up you the thrice mice album when i get home this evening.

fuzztunnel said...

Upload speed far too sluggish tonight. Will bring the Thrice Mice .rar into work tomorrow and up it at university server speeds. Please stand by...

fuzztunnel said...

Thrice Mice

dreamy said...

Here's the requested Lewis Furey album...

Lewis Furey - (1975) Lewis Furey

Hustler's Tango
Last Night
The Waltz
Cleanup Time
Kinda Shy
Lewis Is Crazy
Closing The Door
Caught You
Love Comes

VBR, cover included
pw --> dreamy

Enjoy!!! Dream

Max said...

Sharebee says that they are still beta-testing so I suspect one that process is done (& they get the bugs worked out) they will be a lot more consistent. I personally think it's a great service but would be better if it were more reliable.

Ahmed said...

Another great service similar to sharebee and with more mirrors is try it out.

joshua said...
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joshua said... is a better file sharer - fast and no problems..

more alternatives:,