Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Are Only Humans, Listen To the Sounds In Our Heads!

Magical Power Mako - (Polydor)

I love this record. It is one of the best records I've heard this year, and I hear a lot of records. Don't miss this one.

As far as I can tell, this is more a guy than a band. Still, there's lots of folks who sing on it, so there must be some other input. When I listen to it, it has a jammy feel like some of it is improv, but who the hell knows? Maybe one of you rockers can fill me in.

The second track is a nice demonstration of the difference between the rock music of Japan and the stuff from Germany or the states. The singer (multi-tracked to all hell) comes out with "Takatakatakatowwwwtakatowww" over and over and over again. But the fucker really sells it, where a band like Gentle Giant would make it sound all sissy and stupid. It will slay you on the first spin.

A big part of the genius of this record is in the arrangments. Try this: every 30 secs or so, try to pick out all the instruments in the mix. One minute, maybe it's a koto and hand drums. Next, a choir of children and a mellotron. Later, a piece of rebar and a bass. But it's never guitar / bass / traps.

He/they saves maybe the best track for last. This one is the most Krautrock-ish to my ears, maybe somewhere close to Future Days-era Can, with a fadeout that seems to last for days.

I see this album compared to Faust a lot, and I kinda sorta see it. But where a Faust record makes jagged segues between often abrasive parts, this album is wayyyy more musical in its flow.

There was a limited edition reissue around a couple years ago. If you find a copy, buy it, because you'll probably never see it again.


R3000 said...

Wonderful, thank you !

PhantomOfTheRadio said...

I love it this album. "cha cha" is a thrill!!!
Incredibly crazy !
Thanks for this gems. I found another album :
"Magical Power Mako- Hapmoniym 1972-1975"
@ :

Theo said...

very very nice, thanks!

Kyle said...

this is actually titled Magical Power Mako - Magical Power and features Keiji Haino

marco said...

hey music lover, this is great stuff! have to listen again, i guess it's gorgeous for those off-yer-face moments... cheers from berlin (u still there? hope you'll come back to this place soon and rock on!)